The driver involved in a robbery reveals his identity as an undercover FBI agent named Castillo and then arrests his partner’s killer. Meanwhile, at a California Motorway Patrol Agency training center, an older motorcycle policeman named Jon Baker is allowed to graduate on a probation basis. He is a former motocross practitioner and was forced to give up that career because of the injuries suffered during an accident.
Under medical treatment to relieve pain, he lives in a guest room because his wife left and lost all sponsors. The FBI agent who is now undercover and named Frank (Ponch) Poncherello is sent to CHP after another robbery on an armored car carrying a bunch of money suspected of being involved more many corrupt police officers working in that department.
He is put to work with the beginner Baker, but he is far too inexperienced to be able to understand the corruption investigation conducted by Ponch. Ponch contradicts his new partner as to whether Baker’s wife is infidel, while Baker offers some unsolicited advice about sex addiction. Subsequently, Ponch is kicked out of the FBI when he breaks the investigation of another agent in which a suspect is killed. However, he does not let himself down and continues his mission, especially when he makes a very important discovery.

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