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The head of the Imelda Rivera family was the wife of a musician. Her husband left her and her daughter to pursue a career in music. For this reason, she banned family music and headed for the creation of shoes, which in the meantime became a family business. Her old-eyed son, the 12-year-old kid named Miguel, now lives with Coco and his family in a small village in Mexico. He secretly dreams of becoming a renowned musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.
One day, Miguel deteriorates without a photo of Imelda and then notices another with her husband holding Ernesto’s famous guitar. Later, when Miguel tries to enter a talent contest, Elena’s grandmother destroys her guitar. Concluding that he is Ernesto’s great-grandson, Miguel enters his cavity and steals his guitar to use it in the talent contest.
When he starts playing the guitar, he becomes invisible to everyone in the village, but he can see and be seen by his dog Dante and skeletons of his long-dead relatives who come from the Land of the Dead for the feast on which they are also keeps the talent contest. He is taken by them to show him certain things, but he must return to the Realm of the Living before the sunrise, otherwise he will remain there forever, becoming one of them. To be able to return, he must receive a blessing from his family to break the curse upon him by the theft of Ernesto’s guitar.

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