Color Out of Space

The Gardner family’s rural retreat is soon disrupted by a meteorite impact on their farm. From the crater emerges a color that they had never seen before, an extraterrestrial presence that will change everything and everyone around it, from nature and people, to the very laws of space-time. As strange flora emerges and animals begin to develop terrible deformities, the Gardners will have to fight the psychedelic nightmare that their life has become.
Turned into a cult director in the early 1990s, and self-exiled from the industry following the catastrophic filming of The Island of Dr. Moreau, from which he was fired and replaced by John Frankenheimer, Richard Stanley directs his first Color Out of Space. non-documentary feature film in more than 20 years. That is precisely how long he has been pursuing this adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft (The color of outer space), a horror story where a family suffers the ravages of a meteorite and the extraterrestrial presence that inhabits it. In this way, color becomes the main protagonist of this film, whether in the moments that causes disturbing mutations, physical or mental, or when lighting a hallucinogenic and psychedelic atmosphere that draws on the classics of science fiction eighties. Oscar-winning Nicolas Cage (Mandy) leads the cast with a role tailor-made for him, that of a family man who, little by little, will begin to lose his mind. He is accompanied by Joely Richardson (Red Sparrow), Madeleine Arthur (Big Eyes) and Elliot Knight (Titans), among others.

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