After a category 5 hurricane devastated his town in Florida, Haley ignores the authorities and tries to find his missing father. You will find him locked and wounded in the mezzanine of his house, however, at that moment the storm begins to get worse and both are trapped while the water level rises little by little. They will soon discover that this climb is the least of their problems and that they have in the house new neighbors with long teeth: huge alligators. For a couple of years the summer terror comes more from the hands of sharks than from haunted houses, demons and beings from other worlds. Movies such as Blue Hell (2016), 47 meters (2017), Megalodon (2018) and now 47 meters 2 (2019) have resumed the bad reputation of white sharks that Steven Spielberg unfairly opened in 1975 with Shark. In general, many of these past shark movies have contributed quite little in terms of suspense, form or plot. Underwater hell, however, has the virtue of combining the cinema of natural disasters with that of menacing sea creatures, although in this specific case we speak of crocodiles, a branch of terror less frequent than that of sharks although with good examples such as The territory of the beast (2007) o The beast under the asphalt, classic of the B series. The suspense is maintained throughout the footage thanks to the veteranship of two people who know what they are doing, their producer, Sam Raimi (director and creator of the infernal Possession trilogy, champion of the best low-budget horror movies) and its director, the French Alexandre Aja, responsible behind the cameras in Piranha 3D (2010) and especially the hills have eyes (2006). The film stars Kaya Scodelario (from the dystopian trilogy The Maze Runner) and Barry Pepper (Save Private Ryan).

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