Creed 2

Three years after losing to “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, Adonis Creed has a series of victories culminating in Danny’s “Stuntman” Wheeler (Andre Ward) who also brings WBC World Series heavyweight . Being a world star, Adonis asks her wife Bianca Taylor’s wife and she agrees to marry him. When Bianca suggests starting a new life together in Los Angeles, Adonis is hesitant to shame his hometown, Philadelphia.
Meanwhile, former Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, the one who killed Adonis’s father in the ring, sees a chance to regain his lost glory as a result of the defeat suffered by Rocky Balboa by challenging Adonis to a match against his son , Viktor. Adonis is immediately drawn to the idea of ​​a fight with Viktor, but when Rocky refuses to help him cope with Viktor’s challenge, Adonis feels betrayed by his mentor and decides to go to Los Angeles.
There, Adonis recruits Tony “Little Duke” Evers, the son of his father’s former coach, to help him. Overwhelmed by all the changes in his life, Adonis hurries himself into maximum shape to fight Viktor and gets hurt seriously in the ring because Viktor hits him unacceptably. Although Viktor is disqualified for this shot and Adonis keeps the belt, Viktor becomes very popular in Russia and wins many top boxing matches. With his wounded body and defeated ego, Adonis becomes more distant from Bianca. Seeing him down, Adonis’s adoptive mother turns to Rocky to get him out of this bad pass.

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