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Creep 2

Dave (Karan Sonia) gets a pack at home and when he opens it he finds a mask and a DVD “look at me” inside. After starting to watch the movie, where there are disturbing images with the inside of his own house, Josef (Mark Duplass), who now takes his Aaron identity, knocks them at the door. Dave welcomes him as a friend, not knowing that Aaron is the one who sent him the package, and gives him a beer, and then he talks about the disturbing filming.
Aaron then confesses that he puts a great deal on their friendship, but he is the one who shot and sent that package with the intention of seeing his reaction. Dave gets frightened and Aaron admits he’s a serial killer. When Dave stands up to leave the table, Aaron kills him with a knife. Sara (Desiree Akhavan) is a high school student who works as a cameraman to get money and at the same time takes on a personal project: a series called “Meetings”.
Frustrated by the low traffic it receives, she plans to end the show with a resounding ending. Seeking a last person to intercede, she finds a request for friendship from Aaron who offers to pay $ 1,000 a cameraman willing to document a day in his life. After a strange exchange of text messages between the two, Aaron invites her to meet. After arriving at home, Aaron confesses to the girl almost immediately that she is a serial killer and wants her to make a short documentary about her life and the most unfortunate crimes. In addition to the $ 1,000, they give the girl 24-hour protection in order not to become his next victim and a “visual window to his soul.”

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