Death Wish

A surgeon doctor from the emergency department named Paul Kersey is attracted to the dark world of the city when his wife and daughter are bestially attacked in their own home. Unfortunately, this offense is just one of a very long range of violence that happens in the city, and the police are overcome by the situation and can not handle the way the doctor wants his case by prioritizing others considered more important than it.

As a result, dissatisfied with the lack of involvement of the authorities in his case, Paul is determined not to let things as they are and the aggressors remain free as if nothing had happened, so that the doctor turns into a judge and he begins to look for those individuals to make them regret the wrongdoing. Since then, Paul’s life is shared between saving the lives of some and taking others’ lives. He is, at the same time, a husband and father who tries to take care of his family and a dark person fighting against criminals. A doctor who extracts bullets from suspects’ bodies and a justice who seeks justice where the police are in a hurry to close the cases.

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