Descendants 2

A few months after becoming a citizen of Auradon, Mal strives to adapt to the new life of celebrity, being King Ben’s lover. she blurs her blond hair and retains a personality worthy of a princess she feels very awkward. She tells her friends, Evie, Carlos and Jay, but they are happy with their life in Auradon and they do not want to go back to Isle of Lost. Evie pivots Mal because he relies on his mother’s magic book to solve his problems.
Carlos, who wishes to invite Jane to the Cotillion Ball, goes to Mal to ask him how to deal with her. Mal offers him a candy that will help him to be honest and open to her. The problem arises when the Duke dog eats it and begins to speak magically a fluent and sincere English. Ben discovers that Mal uses magic, and she opens her soul confessing all her insecurities.
Eventually, Mal returns to the Island, which is now run by former Uma, alongside Harry Hook and Gil. Mal is visiting his stylist, Dizzy Tremaine, Lady Tramaine’s niece, who rebuilds her hair in the purple that characterizes her. Harry discovers that Mal has returned and hastened to inform Uma of this fact. Ben, Evie, Jay and Carlos find out about Mal’s departure and sneak on the Island to find her, but Gil’s right away.

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