LAPD detective Erin Bell arrives at the scene where an unknown person was killed and informs those who deal with the case that they know the identity of the person who committed the crime. At her police station, Erin receives a 100-dollar bill taken from a special device in an unmarked envelope. Using a contact from the FBI, she confirms that the banknote comes from breaking a bank committed by a California group several years ago.
She and her former partner, Chris, were responsible for solving this case, being undercover officers. She tells her superiors that she is convinced that the banknote and the murder of the unknown is linked, believing that it is proof that the leader of that group, Silas, has become active again. Erin has to make her way among the other members of the group who have remained active to find Silas.
She starts with Toby, who was arrested and now lives with his mother because he is seriously ill and was released from prison for this reason. She seduces him to convince him to offer Arturo, one of the members of the group who is trying to redeem his criminal past, now offering free legal advice to immigrants. Arturo gives Erin the location of Denis DiFranco, a lawyer washing the money robbed from that bank, and Erin deduces that Silas is active again because the money in that robbery is almost over.

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