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Devil’s Gate

Milo Ventimiglia plays Jackson Pritchard, a man whose family has owned the earth patch he has been working for for generations, and even if the terrain is not very fertile, they still hope that the angels will endure them in a day and will make him fertile. Despite the fact that he is known in the area because he does not behave too well with his wife and child, law people are not rushing to ask Jackson questions when the two disappear without a trace.
There is a need for an agent from the FBI, Daria Francis (Amanda Schull), to do this and force things, insisting that Sheriff Deputy Colt Salter (Shawn Ashmore) accompany her to the family residence. In addition to buildings crammed with traps and a sinister atmosphere that even screams “serial killer,” the two of them also encounter certain phenomena that can not be so easily explained.
As Pritchard attempts to threaten them to expel them from his property and sabotage all attempts by law enforcement people to search the house, the two have very little chance of protecting themselves before realizing what the man has captive in his cellar. What lies there is not only about the disappearance of the man’s family, but something even worse, and soon people are in a siege trying to keep the beasts away until they are sheltered.

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