Doctor Sleep

Dan Torrance has become an alcoholic adult who has not forgotten the horror he lived at the Overlook Hotel. His life changes when he meets Abra, a young woman who, like him, has “the glow.” The girl asks for help against Rose la Chistera, leader of a mysterious group, called The True Knot, which feeds on children with this gift to achieve immortality. In this life-and-death battle, Abra’s innocence and courage will encourage Dan to challenge the ghosts of his past. In 1977, Stephen King wrote The Shining, his third novel that, over time, became a must-have of horror literature. Three years later, the master Stanley Kubrick adapted this story in a film that, although he did not finish to excite King, became history as one of the most disturbing and disturbing of all time. Now the cycle is repeated with Doctor SueƱo, a late sequel written by the genius of Maine and published in 2013 that, by the hand of promising director and screenwriter Mike Flanagan (Ouija: The origin of evil), makes the leap to the big screen. Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robin) plays an adult, alcoholic and irascible version of Danny Torrance, that child with sensory powers who tricycle the sinister halls of the Overlook Hotel, in a film that attempts to capture the spirit of King’s work and, at the same time, respect the heritage and the most emblematic scenarios of the Kubrick classic. Beyond the typical scares of the genre a psychological thriller is developed, with a strong supernatural component, where its insane atmosphere and a tension that increases in crescents cause a gradual restlessness in the spectator. The cast is completed by young Kyliegh Curran (I Can I Will I Did) and Rebecca Ferguson (Men in Black: International), among others.

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