Marcello is a quiet dog stylist who lives in the Magliana district of Rome. He spends his days between work, love for Alida’s daughter and has a quiet relationship with his neighbors. In spite of appearances, he also deals with cocaine trafficking to earn extra money, and this makes him acquaint with Simoncino, a former violent boxer who terrorizes the neighborhood with his violent actions and robberies he is committing, Marcello’s a small part of the stolen money.
Someday, Simoncino finds out that Marcello’s salon is bordering on a jewelry store and suggests that it penetrates the wall and steals all the money and jewels that are there. Marcello does not want to do this because he does not want to destroy his friendship with the rest of his neighbors, but in the end he is somehow forced to give Simoncino the key to his salon to let him come in and rob the store jewelery at night.
Simoncino steals everything he finds there and leaves enough evidence to blame Marcello for the robbery; as soon as he has the choice between advertising Simoncino or spending a year after bars, he decides to go to jail rather than denounce the real thief. A year later, Marcello is released, but all his neighbors blame him for robbery, and his business does not work well. Simoncino, instead of grateful to Marcello for loyalty, spent all the money, including the part that would have been his.

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