Duck Duck Goose

Peng is a worried goose whose flier is preparing to migrate to China. His attitude and behavior collide with that of the leader of the book he is part of, Bing. He decides to leave Peng behind and to go to China with all his fuss as he sleeps. Meanwhile, Chi and Chao, a pair of crooks on their way to a paradise spot called Pleasant Valley, are separated from their quarry due to a dangerous Peng stunt.
To hide from a sinister cat named Banzou, they come to sleep with Peng after seeing him banish Banzou. Surprised by the presence of the critters, Peng tries to fly away from them foolishly and gets hurt by a wing. Lacked by the ability to fly, and being scared of it, he decides to use the little crotch to defend himself from the predators and to get the last card.
The creature joins him hesitantly on his journey. After a series of peripetials, Peng starts to emotionally attach to the little crotch and accepts to lead them to the card they have separated from him. Prior to this, Peng is behind his own kard, and the crooks realize that they have been fooled and that his intentions were different. The two groups then split, but Peng is determined to fulfill his promise and does everything possible, even hurt, to help the critters.

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