Max Medici, the owner of a decadent circus, hires Holt Farrier so that, with the help of his children, he can take care of Dumbo, a huge-eared elephant that has become the laughingstock of the place. When they discover that the pachyderm is able to fly, success and prosperity will return to the show. This will attract the attention of the persuasive businessman V.A. Vandevere, who will reunite Dumbo with a charming trapeze artist in a great show for his amusement park, a place with dark secrets. In the line of his latest reviews of animation classics, Dumbo is the new iconic character of Disney in starring an adaptation to real image. The Oscar-nominated Tim Burton (Home of Miss Peregrine for peculiar children), which gave the kick-off to this fever by the remake in the company of the mouse with Alice in Wonderland, is responsible for leading the great screen the well-known history of the elephant of disproportionate ears that made him both the laughingstock of the circus and, later, the great star of the show. In this film, Burton relies on the latest special effects techniques to give life to the cute pachyderm and the rest of his four-legged friends, main characters in an adventure that combines action, emotion and good messages about respect for the different and the value of the family. For this film, which recovers the spirit of the original and, at the same time, adds new aspects to the plot, the director has a cast full of familiar faces in his filmography, from the Oscar nominees Danny DeVito (At the wedding of my sister) and Michael Keaton (Spider-Man: Homecoming), until Eva Green (Based on real events). They are joined by Colin Farrell (Widows) and the Oscar-winning Alan Arkin (A blow with style), among others.

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