Early Man

An asteroid enters collision with prehistoric Earth and causes the disappearance of dinosaurs on Earth, but a tribe of cavemen manage to survive and prosper in a valley. Finding a round of asterisk that is too hot to be touched, they start to “pass” from one to the other and thus invent the football game. Many years later, during the Stone Age, a young caveman named Dug lives in the valley with Bobnar and many other people.

One day, Dug suggests that others try to hunt a mammoth instead of rabbits, but they reject the idea. An Army of the Bronze Age called The Elephants of the War, led by Lord Nooth, buzzes over their territory and forces them to leave their homes behind, proclaiming that the Stone Age is over. Dug tries to attack the army, but fails and falls into a carriage being taken without knowing in Nooth’s city.

As he tries to avoid guards and escape, he is confused with a football player and taken to a stadium where he is seen by a lot of people. He challenges the Nooth city’s elite team to play a football match against his team in the valley, and the stakes would be to recover his own territory. If Dug’s team loses, he promises to work in Nooth’s mines forever. Nooth rejects the proposal at first, but he changes his mind when he realizes that he could take advantage of this match, being amateurs.

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