Escape Room

Six strangers receive a mysterious box that invites them to escape the routine and participate in a new Escape Room where the prize for solving the enigma is one million dollars. However, when they meet in the room, they will discover that there are very real dangers behind the emotion and tension of the game. Locked up by a sadist who knows all his most unmentionable secrets, they will have to resort to his wit to find the clues and go out in an hour. If they do not get it, they will die. Become one of the most widespread entertainments of today, the phenomenon of the Escape Rooms, where participants must resort to the ingenuity and skills of each team member to solve a riddle and escape from a closed room, gives the I jump to the big screen. Adam Robitel (Insidious: The Last Key) directs this fast-paced psychological thriller where the amusing tension of a million-dollar prize-winning challenge will turn into a desperate struggle for survival in which each enigma is more complicated than the last. The viewer can also be part of the experience, trying to discover the final key that will hide behind the most unspeakable traumas of six strangers of very different origins. Taylor Russell (Blackwood), Logan Miller (With love, Simón), Tyler Labine (Supermaderos 2) and Deborah Ann Woll (Ruby Sparks), among others, play the players of this Escape Room that stands out for its visual potential and personality own of each of the deadly rooms in which it passes. Yorick van Wageningen (Millennium: Men who did not love women), meanwhile, plays the villain of the film.

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