Every Day

“A” is a traveling spirit that awakens in different bodies every day, whether it’s a young teenager or a young teenager. On a certain day he wakes up in the body of Justin, Rhiannon’s careless lover. At school that day, Rhiannon approached A in the form of Justin and persuaded him to leave with her at school. As the day progresses, “A” falls in love with Rhiannon, and she tells Justin her troubled home life.
Rhiannon, in turn, feels an even stronger attraction to Justin, seeing that he seems to have changed and become a more careful and careful person than he was before. The next day, Rhiannon realizes that Justin has returned to his old habits and does not even remember his previous day. Meanwhile, awake in the body of a girl named Amy, “A” sets up a masquerade just to get close to Rhiannon.
Later, To get into the body of a devoted Catholic named Nathan and go to a party where he knows for sure that Rhiannon will be. By joining her through a dance, A tells him that he deserves someone better than Justin, but immediately Nathan is away from Justin’s arrival. A few days later, A sends a text message to Rhiannon and asks him to meet in a certain place only two of them, and Rhiannon goes with the thought of meeting Nathan.

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