Peter, an engineer, has recurring nightmares in which he and his family are trying to survive an alien invasion by fighting an unknown enemy. As nightmares become more disturbing and stressful, they also make their mark on the family. His wife, Alice, asks him to go ask for help from a specialist doctor, and at Peter’s service he also suffers some crises that make him damage equipment. Worried, his boss David recommends a clinic to go with.
When another vision makes him lose consciousness for several hours and does not arrive in time to meet his family, he accepts to go to the clinic. There he meets Chris, a shaky man who seems to have the same kind of vision as his. Chris tells Peter that he is not crazy and has to trust his visions; however, the emotional stress of his own visions made Chris look for help at the clinic to wipe his dreams.
Encouraged by Chris’s words, Peter leaves the clinic without being treated. Later that day at their apartment complex, Alice gives a party to celebrate promotion at work. Peter gets obsessed with his visions and ignores his guests to look at the sky with a telescope he bought for girls in hopes of finding clues about an imminent invasion of aliens. Ray and Samantha, friends and neighbors, console Alice. When Ray goes to Peter to try to calm him down, Peter observes a light in the sky, and spacecraft immediately reach the ground and open the fire on the city.

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