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At a Caribbean resort, Dr. Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) is on a vacation with his wife and child in the Bahamas. Shortly after arriving, they rent a boat and venture into a sea journey without having a specific destination, but this journey ends very seriously and remains spoiled on a small island due to a mechanical defect in the boat’s engine. After a few days without food and water, being near death, they are saved by a local fisherman named Miguel (Barkhad Abdi).
He is not at all a noble man who wants to do good deeds but asks for the sum of one million dollars to get them out of this desperate situation. Miguel and his accomplice take Kevin and take him to the shore, leaving his family on the island to make sure he pays the amount they asked for. After giving some desperate phone calls to America, Kevin manages to get some of the money that Miguel wants and transfer it to his account.
The three return to the island on two different boats, and Kevin is captive in one of them. In the middle of the sea, Miguel jumps into Kevin’s boat and gives a hole in it, making her sink with Kevin locked inside. The boat sinks, but Kevin manages to escape life and be taken back to shore by a group of tourists. He is arrested and accused then of having paid that amount of money to fishermen to help him get rid of his family and receive a tremendous amount of life insurance.

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