Fahrenheit 451

In a future where the reading of books and the search for true knowledge is outlawed, the only source of free time killing is a television network that combines Twitter and a TV news channel in which people comment on various topics day trips. From time to time there are still arrests of those called “eels” – that is book readers – and even the burning of mountains of books to induce in the public consciousness that they are forbidden and should not come close to it .

The stars of this television show are Montag’s “pyromaniacs” (Michael B. Jordan) and his captain, Beatty (Michael Shannon). They are part of a group using flamethrowers to burn not only the books but also the houses of those who are caught capturing or even smuggling with them. Montag loves his job, but especially the advertising that comes with his actions, but he has a change of vision when he meets an elderly woman who is willing to sacrifice for his library.

Before she flashed her lighter, she murmured a word that seemed to be some kind of secret code. Montag is so shocked by the woman’s gesture that she is stealing a book so she can understand why someone is willing to give her life for that. Uncertainty grows when Clarisse (Sofia Butella), a double agent working for both Beatty and an underground book club, appears in his life.

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