Fantasy Island

After winning a contest, a group of very different people have been chosen to visit a luxurious and exclusive resort on a remote tropical island. The special thing about this establishment, led by the mysterious Mr. Roarke, is that it will allow them to make each of their fantasies come true or amend past mistakes. However, their dreams will soon become their worst nightmare, so they will have to unite and discover the secret that is hidden in this place to save their lives. The Blumhouse factory rescues from oblivion the mythical television series of the 70s The island of fantasy and turns it into a horror movie that enters the dark side of the dreams of a group of people who, shortly after reaching a Idyllic resort, you will see how these become your worst nightmare. Jeff Wadlow (Truth or dare), a man of confidence in the house, directs this thriller that revolves around the classic “beware of what you want” and is based on the contrast between the idyllic environment where it takes place and the real emotions of his characters . In this way, the spirit of the original material remains intact in this Fantasy Island that, as its footage progresses, develops in parallel the different motivations of its protagonists (from revenge against someone from the past, to living a life that could not be) that will put them to the limit and will make them evolve in this twisted and disturbing version of their desires. Lucy Hale (Scream 4), Maggie Q. (The Divergent Series: Loyal), Michael Peña (Dora and the Lost City), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and Ryan Hansen (I Love Dogs), among others They interpret these visitors about to have their most spooky vacations.

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