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Father Figures

Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) are twin brothers who were raised by their mother, Helen (Glen Close), after their father died before their birth. Kyle has a relationship with his beloved girlfriend, Kaylani, and he was quite financially successful after receiving copyright money. Peter is divorced and has a teenager who hates him. Shortly after their mother’s wedding, Peter recognizes an actor in the Law and Order SVI as their father after some pictures of the past.
Helen told the two that he was unfaithful at the time of their conception, and that he did not want their father to help raise children. Insisting on the problem, Helen confesses that their father is Terry Bradshaw. The two brothers travel by air just to Florida to meet Bradshaw, whom I find at a singing event.
Bradshaw is delighted to have both of them as sons and gets them in his house. As Bradshaw relates with his friend and former teammate, Rod Hamilton, Kyle and Peter realize that Bradshaw traveled to Australia when they were conceived, so he would not have had a father. The two are then directed to find Roland Hunt (J.K. Simmons), a New York investor who had a relationship with Helen after Bradshaw. Traveling north, Kyle finds out that his contract expires with the company paying his rights and that he will no longer be able to support his family.

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