Fifty Shades Freed

After an extended honeymoon honeymoon in Europe, Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray return to Seattle where Christian acknowledges that she is disturbed by the fact that Anastasia has kept her girlfriend at work. Initially hesitating, she accepts to change her name, and Christian offers it as a wedding gift to Steattle Independent Publishing, which she later changes in Gray Publishing. Christian leaves on a business trip to New York, and despite her protective wishes, Anastasia goes out to town with an old friend named Kate.

When she returns home she finds her former boss, Jack Hyde, left unconscious by one of her security officers. He has an adhesive tape to him, indicating that he would have wanted to kidnap him, and as a result, he was arrested. After a quarrel with Christian about getting out of town with Kate, Ana reproaches her for being too possessive and controlling her every move, saying she also needs a little bit of freedom. In order to get revenge, Christian surprises her with a holiday in Aspen where she is accompanied by several people, including Kate.

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