First Match

Monique spent his life going from one house to another, being raised by families of social workers. She longs for her biological father, a former battleship champion who also went through jail and who does not give her two money. Moreover, he does not even bother to announce that he was recently released from prison. Angry and alone, Monique sets his attention to completely inappropriate people.

When she and her only friend, Omari, meet by accident on the street with her father, she humiliates herself in front of him, begging him to give him his phone number. Monique usually rejects everyone who tries to get close to her soul. One adult seems to care about the safety of the girl, and that is Lucila. But Monique is so cold and careless to her that she saved her phone number as “The Spanish Lady.”

And yet, Darrel, her biological father, is a great weakness for her. His desperation to attract Darrel’s attention motivates her to become the first girl to join his high school fights team where they are just boys. This overwhelms her but destroys her when the series of victories attracts Darrel’s attention, but his attention is a totally damaging and destructive Monique because he presses her into unlawful fighting for his mafia boss named Jose.

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