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Fullmetal Alchemist

Living in a reality different from ours where alchemy not only exists, but it is present in people’s lives as if it were something normal. The development of this science is almost at its peak and the whole world respects it. Two brothers who live with their mother, Trisha, in the city of Rosembool and whose father left them a few years ago because they had begun to use his studies and learn alchemy in turn.
When the disease strikes in full and Trisha loses his life, the two children are devastated that they have no one next to them, so they are determined to do everything that’s possible and even impossible for their mother to come back among the living. They commit the forbidden act of Human Transmutation to try to bring it back to the world of the living mother. Being small and not yet fully understanding how this science works, their plan fails seriously and turns against them.
Because of the failure Edward is left without his left foot, and Alphonse is totally absorbed by the Gate of Truth. In despair, Edward also sacrifices his right hand to save even his brother’s soul, which he then “binds” with a blood seal of a metal suit. Edward receives some special prostheses instead of the missing limbs and is invited by Colonel Roy Mustang to the organization where he works to study and develop a method to bring back Alphonse’s body back.

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