Game Night

Competitive gamers, Max and Annie met during a night of trivia at a bar and quickly fell in love with each other, getting married. They try to have a baby, but the attempts are failing due to the stress that Max is undergoing on the comparison between Brooks and his brother. During a regular night playing with Ryan, Kevin, and Michelle, Brooks makes his appearance and reports of embarrassing childhood incidents with Max.

Annie also considers Brooks very arrogant and decides to work with Max to defeat him in the game they will play. Max and Annie are trying to keep secret night plays from neighbor Gary, a former mute and strange policeman whom they have not invited to play after their wife, a good friend of theirs, has divorced him . When guests arrive, including Ryan’s new partner, Sarah, Brooks tells them about the game he has been up to.

After a while, an actor who plays an FBI agent tells them the thread of the mystery they will have to untie, but immediately two masked men give up and attack both him and Brooks. The guests, thinking that everything is directed and part of the game, look without stress. After Brooks is taken out of their house, couples start trying to solve the case using the clues left behind by the actor.

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