Gemini Man

Henry Brogan is a legendary government assassin who, at 51, begins to feel the weight of the numerous deaths that adorn his resume. For all this, Brogan has decided to retire. However, being the perfect killing machine and knowing the darkest secrets of the system have made it a dangerous loose end for its bosses, who will not hesitate to end it. The one chosen for the mission will be Junior, a clone of Henry much younger and able to anticipate all his movements. With the purpose of taking a new evolutionary leap in entertainment cinema, producer Jerry Bruckheimer (one of the Midas kings of Hollywood) and the Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (The Life of Pi) join forces in this duel rather than fratricide between two versions of Will Smith (Aladdin) separated by 30 years. The first is that of the actor nominated for two Oscars today, who plays a hitman whose age does not forgive and that carries too many deaths in his conscience. The second is a 100% digital recreation of his twenty-year-old self (from the era in which he triumphed with The Prince of Bel Air) turned into an impulsive but implacable murderer, who will chase him across three continents. Shot at 120 frames per second and in native 3D in 4K, Gemini promises an immersive and completely revolutionary visual experience where the action sequences reach a new level of spectacle. In turn, the film delves into the internal conflicts of the characters, who reflect on guilt and their own identity. Together with Smith and his clone, possibly the most real CGI creation in history, they complete the cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Street) and Oscar nominee Clive Owen (Elite Assassins), among others.

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