Good Boys

Three good friends are invited to the morreo party. But there is a small problem: Max, twelve, has never kissed anyone. To learn how to do it, he decides to spy with his father’s drone on a couple of teenagers. However, the drone, which was strictly forbidden to play, will not end well. To replace him, Max and his two friends miss school and from there they get involved in a crazy adventure with police chases and stolen drugs. Behind good guys (a movie starring preteens and despite it as obscene as it was a hoot) only childhood friends Seth Roger and Evan Golberg, scriptwriters of Supersalidos, Superfumados and The Sausage Party could be as producers. In the direction, as was obvious, we find two people as unconventional as the previous ones: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, scriptwriters and producers of Bad Teacher, who debut in the direction. And despite this, good guys is a comedy suitable for young teenagers. The cast stands out most notably, and specifically the gang members: Jacob Tremblay (The Room) as Max, Brady Noon (from the Boardwalk Empire series) as Thor and Keith L. Williams (from the Kidding series) as Lucas.

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