Frances McCullen (Chloƫ Grace Moretz) is an American young woman who earns her living as a waitress and lives a quiet life in New York with her girlfriend and roommate, Erica Penn (Maika Monroe). Because her mother recently died of cancer, Frances has a relationship not very close to his father diving into his work. While in the subway, Frances finds a bag that seems to belong to a French woman named Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert), a piano teacher.
Getting her address, Frances goes to Greta at home and returns the lost bag. After accepting a coffee with Greta, he tells her that she was widowed and that her daughter is studying in France. Frances then begins to spend more time with Greta to keep him company. One night, when he is at home at Greta for dinner, Frances finds an identical bag like the one from the subway.
Looking down there, she finds some things that worry her and questions her about Greta, leaving and breaking any connection with it. The problem is that Greta is not willing to give up their friendship so easily and begins to follow her and harass Frances somehow. Together with her girlfriend, Frances tries to get a restraining order for Greta, but the formalities take too long, so her girlfriend thinks it might be a way to leave town.

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