Hellraiser: Judgment

In Hell, Pinhead of the Cenobites and the Stygian Inquisitor Auditor discusses how to adapt their soul harvesting methods now that people’s technology is growing and makes the gates to head more and more difficult to access. On the Earth, three detectives – the brothers Sean and David Carter and Christine Egerton – are investigating a serial killer who has been nicknamed “Perceptor,” and the crimes he committed are related to the Ten Commandments.

A connection with one of the victims leads the detectives to turn to Karl Watkins, a local murderer who has disappeared near an abandoned residence. Sean goes to the house, but fails and then wakes up on the Inquisition field in Hell. When they begin to deliberate and come up with a verdict about the sins committed by Sean, the angel Jophiel intervenes and tells the Inquisition to release him.

However, Sean escapes from the realm under his own conditions and manages to steal a particular box. The auditor seeks guidance for this Pinhead problem. Meanwhile, Sean and his brother are returning to search for that house, but they do not find any indication or trace of the Inquisitors. Later that night, Sean is haunted by the Cenobites visions. Sean and Egerton later discover a building that appears to have served as a hiding place for the Perceptor, and there is a terrifying and shocking revelation.

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