In the morning of a funeral, Annie Graham, an artist who creates miniature cameras, is preparing to bury her mother who has a serious personality problem. Annie is married to Steve and has two children with him: Peter and Charlie – the latter being a more special yarn and the ability to see ghosts. Annie had a special relationship with her mother, and her bridge is full of boxes of dusty books about “spirituality.”
Things start to figure out when Annie goes to a support group meeting and tells about the destructive person who was her mother and the effect she has on her family. The strange events that take place around this family make Annie and her husband look at the deceased’s past in more detail and discover that these events have a direct connection with the deaths of Annie’s brother and father spent in suspicious ways, and realize that there is something inherited in her family, and must be done in such a way as to change her inheritance before it is too late.

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