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Hollow in the Land

Alison is an independent woman who earns her daily living working at a cellulose plant in the city, the only big job provider in the area. She has to raise her teen brother who is causing her a lot of problems, Braydon, because their mother abandoned them several years ago, and their father is in jail after he killed the owner of that factory in – a car accident when under the influence of alcohol.

The day after Alison took Braydon from the police station where he had been detained for having participated in an altercation when he was also affected by the steam of alcohol, his girlfriend’s father was getting killed. His body is discovered in a caravan parking lot not far from the place where Braydon was caught lovingly with his daughter who left a rather violent altercation.

Braydon inevitably becomes the main suspect for this murder, so he disappears without a trace, letting Alison look for him as he tries to find out who else could have committed that murder. Her investigation harbors hostility from the local sheriff, but also from other locals in the city, and several of them also lose their lives in mysterious conditions. Because of her stubbornness to continue investigating and her approaches in this solitary investigation, Alison is also a suspect for murder.

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