Hotel Artemis

On June 21, 2028, there is a revolt in the city of Los Angeles because water is about to be privatized, and ordinary people will have very hard access to it. Taking advantage of the revolt distraction, a team of four men (the Sherman and Lev brothers along with Buke and P-22) break into a bench. Being unable to break the vault, they use the backup plan to steal the possessions of those who are hostages, rightly deducting that the riots without the wealthy sent their people to store their assets in the vault of the bank.
In other words, they should not even bother to break the vault because the people in the bank have a lot of valuable goods on them that they intend to store. He takes the luxury pen of a hostage although he warns him not to do that. They then try to escape and run over some cops that they then kill. P-22 is also killed, and Buke and Lev are seriously injured.
Sherman then calls Jean “Assistant” Thomas, who runs Hotel Artemis, a nearby hotel / hospital that only deals with criminals and operates for 22 years. Artemis only hosts those with a lot of money who are already subscribed to this service, and as Buke is not subscribed, he is not received, but only Lev and Sherman. Each patient receives a code name based on the salon where he is admitted. Sherman gets the name of Waikiki, and Lev is called Honolulu.

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