How It Ends

The story centers on Will (Theo James), a lawyer, and his wife, Samantha (Kat Graham), two young men waiting for their first child. Will visits Samantha’s parents in Chicago, Tom (Forest Whitaker) and his wife, while Samantha moves back to Seattle. Tom is a former retired military who is not very excited about the choice made by his daughter. They’re going to have dinner together, and Tom offers to help Will buy a house.

Will and Tom are getting mad, Will’s going out there. The next day, Will should also go to Seattle after Samantha, but while talking to her on the phone he sounds strange noises in the background, and Samantha makes sense that there is something wrong. She tells her she’s scared, and at that moment the phone closes. He’s trying to call her back, but the phone lines seem to be dropped.

Will then hurries to the airport to board a plane to Seattle, but he gets there, finds out that all flights have been canceled, and TV news reports that something major happened on the West Coast of America. During the news, electricity and telephone lines are interrupted, and Will gets in a taxi to return home to Samantha’s parents, telling them about the situation. Tom tells Will that he goes to Seattle by car and asks if he wants to accompany him while he sends his wife to some close friends.

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