I Can Only Imagine

Coming from a home with an abusive father, Bart Millard, 10, is left to a Christian camp by his mother, and there she meets Shannon. After returning from the camp, Bart discovers that his mother has gone and his things are removed, which leads to a physical altercation with his father, Arthur, who takes custody of him. Many years later, Millard is at Lakeside High School and has a relationship with Shannon.

Hoping to impress his father, he starts playing soccer, but he gets seriously injured and his sports career is cut short. In order to recover the credits he loses from football, he enrolls in the music courses, the only remaining courses available. Initially, Millard is nominated to be a sound technician, and after the director catches him singing, she chooses to play the lead role in a high school play.

He had his father spne track, and while Bart live up to the role received Arthur is overwhelmed by some abdominal problems, still refusing to tell Bart and Shannon that he was diagnosed with cancer. The next morning, Millard voices his frustrations over his father, and he’s violently retaliating. Shannon pushes Bart to open himself up, but he answers by breaking the relationship with her and leaves to try his luck in town after graduation.

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