I Feel Pretty

Renee Barrett is a woman who feels complex with the beauty of the surrounding women or the ones she sees on TV or magazines, wanting her to become a sexy bomb. She does not stand in vain and tries all sorts of exercise or diets to get rid of extra pounds and fit what she considers to be criteria for beauty. During an exercise Renee has an accident that gives life to his head, in his own and figurative.
She hits her head and after this blow she suffers a radical change of perception of her own person, considering herself to be extraordinarily beautiful and gaining self-confidence that uses her in both daily and career life. But this change is only in her mind because everyone else is seeing it exactly as she was before, which reveals that her problems were somewhat false, and all she really had to change was her attitude. How long will this confidence last? Will it continue after recovering from the shock suffered by the blow?

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