I Think We’re Alone Now

Del (Peter Dinklage) lives alone in a small town desolate after an apocalypse that is not mentioned too much has destroyed the entire human population. Believing that he remains the only man on the planet, Del was resigned and live in a quiet living library where he worked before the apocalypse, and the days and spend them releasing homes and burying bodies. One night, he is awakened by some fireworks, and the next day he discovers a fallen young woman in her car after suffering an accident.
Del closes the woman in a room and asks him to come out only after he tells him, but she does not listen and comes out early seeing she is a dwarf. Although Del is not at all acceptable, the woman follows him everywhere and asks him to let her stay. Del behaves very ugly with her to make her leave, and when he finally climbs in the car he changes his mind and tells him that he accepts letting him stay for a probation period in case they need each other.
She then turns out to be Grace. Grace is a noisy and erotic person, but with time Del begins to get used to it, giving her food and teaching her to free the homes of the dead. In one of her trips to finding a home, Grace finds one that has not yet been released and Del wants to leave it like that. At that moment Grace realizes that this house belongs to Del’s family.

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