Harper meets with her boss who informs her that she will have to go to Barcelona to try to convince a potential client to sign with their company. When I hear about this business trip, Harper’s girlfriends, Nikki and Leah, tell her that they will also go to Barcelona with her to join the fun with pleasure and spend a holiday as a girl. At the villa where they were invited to spend, they had a lot of temptation, but Harper abstained.

But when the group of dancers arrives to dance in an electronic music club, Harper falls in love with a DJ named Leo. She totally softens when he invites him to the backstage, believing that he likes it and would like to know her better, but she realizes that the reason was just to delete a drawing with a penis on the face that is only visible in the dark and which seems to have been drawn without realizing it.

After a short conversation, Leo invites Harper to accompany him to his next show in Ibiza, so she does not care too much and leaves her work to accompany the handsome DJ. Of course, her girlfriends pack their luggage and follow her on the “party island” where they have a lot of unexpected adventures and the more disturbing adventures.

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