In Darkness

Sofia (Natalie Dormer) is a blind pianist who has just returned home from a show she has claimed. Once in the block of the block she meets a neighbor named Veronique (Emily Ratajkowski), and the latter thanks her for accepting to support the recital her father has asked for. When Sofia asks her what perfume she gives, she tells her that she is her little secret.

Sofia then hinders a scarf that Veronique has lost, and when she meets her again in the elevator and wants to return it, Veronique tells her to keep her, and then reveals the name of her perfume , which will prove far more valuable than expected in the near future. Later that evening Veronique dies from a downfall, but there are more than reasonable suspicions that it was pushed over the balcony.

Things are starting to move to a possible crime when Detective Mills (Neil Maskell) begins to ask questions, even to Sofia. She says she does not know Veronique’s surname, although she sang for her father whose name she knows. He appears to be a Bosnian named Radic who is in London and is about to be sentenced for war crimes. Sofia receives various messages in the braille language that it burns as soon as it reads them, letting it be understood that it is more than just a pianist who sees her work.

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