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In the Fade

Katja is married to Nuri Sekerci, a Kurdish man with whom he has a five-year-old boy named Rocco. They all live in Hamburg, Germany. She met Nuri when he bought his hash at the time of his studies, and married him when he was still in jail, despite the fact that both his parents and they had opposed all the power of their marriage.
Since the birth of their boy Nuri has dropped out of drug trafficking, studied business management while in jail, and is now working in Hamburg for translations and taxes. One morning Katja leaves her son at her husband’s office to have a free afternoon, and when she returns to see him in the evening she discovers that the road to the office has been blocked. A policeman informs her that a man and a child were killed in a bombing.
DNA analyzes confirm her greatest concern that the two victims are her husband and her baby! The police question her to find out if she remembers anything suspicious before the attack, and she realizes she had noticed a young blonde who did not bind his bicycle to the special grilles though it seemed to be new. Also, there would have been a black pack in the bicycle basket. Although the police investigation follows the thread of a possible revenge from drug traffickers, Katja insists that her husband left that life behind and dedicated himself to the family. She suspects that her husband’s Kurdish origins could have attracted unwanted attention from the neo-Nazi movement.

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