Instant Family

The couple formed by Pete and Ellie Wagner considers the idea of ​​adopting a child after their relatives tease them to the fact that they have no children and that they probably will never have. At first they took everything in half seriously, but eventually decided to join the adoption list. Two nurses, Karen and Sharon, guide the two future parents through the formalities and conditions necessary to become adoptive parents.
Couples willing to adopt are brought to a place where there are more children to choose from than they want to take home. Pete and Ellie go to some teenagers, although Ellie is a little hesitant to have a teenager, but one of the girls there, Lizzy, tells Ellie that everyone knows that nobody wants to adopt a teenager. Impressed by Lizzy’s behavior, Pete and Ellie talk to their nurses about what they should do to adopt.
The nurses inform them that the girl’s mother is in jail, being a drug addict who has accidentally set fire to her own house, and more than that, Lizzy has two other brothers. The two of them have the problem of giving up the idea of ​​adopting, but when their relatives are screaming again, Ellie gets upset and adopts all three children to show they are capable of being parents. At first things are fine, but soon the three children prove to be more problematic than their new adoptive parents thought.

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