When Abbie goes to the doctor believing she was pregnant when she sees her belly swelling, she remains shocked to find out that she is not at all what she thought she is cancer in stage 4. Though you’re mad at the news, Abbie and her fiancĂ©, Sam, they’re a mess of trouble, they will not pay for college. Things go a little and show us the way Abbie and Sam met for the first time.

They were barely eight years old and met during a trip, and when the tourist guide tells them how a fish deep in the sea bites their partner, little Abbie bends and bites Sam. Since then, they have spent all their time together in an uninterrupted monogamous addition. This cancer diagnosis is the first event that jeopardizes the intimate relationship that seemed to be one until deep old age.

After recovering from the initial shock, Abbie’s first thought is what will happen to Sam when she will not be. She is thinking of leaving him in good hands so she creates an online profile and tries to find a partner to join her after her death. Abbie interviews some potential “candidates,” but none proves to be right for him. She then goes to a group for people suffering from this disease, and there she gets married to a man named Myron who helps her in her mission.

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