Gary Zimmer, a strategist for the Democratic National Committee, sees the key to regaining the deep American vote in Jack, a retired Navy colonel, and his plea for the undocumented workers in his area. So he travels there to convince Jack to run for mayor, but when the Republicans discover the play they fight back with their nemesis: Faith Brewster. The confrontation between the two will turn a local election into a battle of national repercussion.
The well-known American television host and comedian Jon Stewart writes and directs in his second feature film an acid and funny X-ray of the American political system. In An Irresistible Plan, a humble mayoral election in a small town in Wisconsin will turn into a media circus, anything but civic and transparent, where Democrats and Republicans will star in a ridiculous battle for power. The director is loosely inspired by real events (the elections for a vacancy in Congress between Democrat Jon Ossof and Republican Karen Handel, the first of the Trump era and the most expensive in the history of the House) to make a fun and relevant reflection on the excessive importance of money in politics and the way it corrupts decision-making. Amid gags and dialogue filled with a scathing sense of humor, Oscar winner Chris Cooper (Little Women) becomes a system-defying war veteran as Oscar nominee Steve Carell (Welcome to Marwen) and Rose Byrne (Peter Rabbit) are skinned in prime time. The cast is completed by Mackenzie Davis (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Topher Grace (Infiltrator of the KKKlan), among others.

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