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It Comes at Night

The whole world is ravaged by an unknown epidemic. Paul, Sarah’s wife and teenage boy Travis, isolated themselves in their house in the middle of the forest. When Sarah’s father Bud is also sick, the two kill him and incinerate his body in an improvised grave. The following night, they capture an intruder who tries to enter their home. Paul connects the intruder with a tree and calls for some tricks to see whether or not he has the disease.
The stranger, on his name Will, explains that he did not know whether that house was occupied or not, and was there only to seek some drinking water for him, his wife and his child. Will offers to buy their supplies of water and food, but Sarah suggests that he bring his family to live in their home, arguing that with more people they will be able to defend themselves more easily if someone finds their location. Paul agrees with the idea and goes with Will to take his wife and child. On the way, they are taken by surprise by two men. Paul kills them and accuses Will of the fact that everything was a staging on his part. Will defends himself by saying that he also struggled with individuals and is trying to secure his partner for his honesty. A few days later, Paul returns home with Will, his wife Kim and their son, Andrew.

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