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On a rainy day in October, in 1988, Bill Denbrough gave his seven-year-old brother, Georgie, a paper-made boat. Georgie takes her and goes to the streets to “sail” with her in a pond, but fails to stop it in time and is drained by the sewer. Trying to get her out of it, Georgie is scared of the presence of a clown-clown young who presents himself as Pennywise Dancer Clown.
Pennywise claims his entire circus was destroyed by the storm and led him into the sewer, including him, giving Georgie his boat to attract him closer. When he approaches, Pennywise kidnaps the boy. Eight months later, in ’89, the last day of school at Derry High School, Bill and his friends fleeing a group of aggressors while Beverly Marsh, a young woman abused by her father and harassed mercilessly by the around him, meets a gentle but overweight boy, Ben Hanscom, who is new to the area, but he loves it secretly.
While making a local butcher’s delivery to his grandfather, Mike Hanlon also met Pennywise before he was almost trampled by Henry. Bill, still troubled by the disappearance of George and neglect inevitable that happened to him from his parents as troubled discovers the body of his brother might be in a wilderness area called the Barrens and takes a few friends to goes together to search.

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