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Vikram (Sidharth Malhotra) is an acclaimed British writer with Indian roots. On the night of the launch of his second book in Mumbai, he returns to the hotel where he stays and finds horrible that his wife, Katherine, is dead. When the police arrive at the scene, he avoids them and runs away. Later that night, Maya (Sonakshi Sinha), a young housewife in the same apartment where Vikram fled, noticed a police car and hurried to ask for help.
The police enter her apartment and find Vikram standing beside the corpse of the woman’s husband who was also killed. After collecting all the clues on the spot, Dev Verma police officer (Akshaye Khanna) interrogates the two witnesses and suspects at the same time. According to Vikram, he fled the police because he believed that his wife was murdered and entered a nearby apartment where he saw Maya throwing something in the garbage and asking for help, and then a series of events led to the murder of her husband, but he was not the culprit.
According to Maya’s testimony, Vikram would have called her door and, wounded being, would have asked for help. She let him in, but then he learned from the news that the police were looking for him because he was a crime suspect. Vikram would have taken a knife and threatened her with the murder, and then she searched for some documents through her husband’s office, and then she describes in a totally different way what happened that night. Dev will have to take both testimonials and try to understand which version is the right one.

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