Jasper Jones

Protagonist Charlie Bucktin is a 13-year-old boy living in the fictional rural town of Corrigan in the East of Australia. Charlie spends most of his spare time with his friend Jeffrey Lu, a Vietnamese boy who shares his love Charlie to culture and is often the target of ridicule from others because of his race. Eliza Wishart, a local girl and daughter of the Mayor, is becoming more attracted to Charlie. On Christmas morning, Charlie is unexpectedly visited by Jasper Jones, the outcast town because of a mixed race and a rebellious lifestyle.
The latter begs Charlie to help him and leads him somewhere where he shows Charlie’s girlfriend’s body, Laura Wishart. Jasper, being convinced that he will be charged with everyone killing Laura convinces Charlie that he is innocent of her death and asks him to help him hide the body so that the two throws in a pond apopiere , bound with a heavy stone.
Jeffrey is passionate about cricket, but his attempts to join the Corrigan team are frustrated by the racism of the coach and other players. Eventually, fate smiles at him and gets to play in a match with a rival city, and Charlie and Eliza, with whom he has become friends, look at him from the edge. Soon, Laura’s search begins, and everyone starts out of the idea that she has run away from home. Meanwhile, the tension in the city is beginning to grow more and is fueled by racism.

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