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Jeepers Creepers 3

23 years later, shortly after the events of the first film, police find the Creeper truck full of corpses. The truck has been “tuned” with a few pitfalls, including spikes coming out behind it and a spear. When Sheriff Dan Tashtego arrives, Sergeant Davis Tubbs tells him what has happened, and Tashtego informs him that for thousands of years the Creeper has wandered through the area and has to be stopped. They then hurry to recover the truck after finding out that they are being seized.
While Frank and Deputy Lang are transporting the vehicle, the Creeper is making its appearance. The next day, Gaylen Brandon has a vision with her son Kenny, who was killed by Creeper 23 years ago. He warns her that he will come back one day to discover something buried on her property and that she will kill anyone who finds her there, including her and her niece Addison.
Meanwhile, Tashtego informs Tubbs that he has formed a small team to hunt the Creeper and kill him once and for all. Later, a group of teenagers discover the Creeper truck in a field. Once they find the bodies, the boys run cycling, but one of them is stabbed with the spear in the leg. In an attempt to free the boy from the trap, the Creeper returns and kills two of them, and the third takes him prisoner.

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