Johnny English Strikes Again

MI7 is the target of a large cybernetic attack from an unknown entity that expands the identity of all secret agents currently on the field in various missions. As a consequence, MI7 is forced to reactivate old inactive agents to locate those responsible for producing this critical information leak. Johnny English, who is officially presented as a geography teacher, secretly teaches young agents in the secrets of espionage.
English insists on working again with his old partner, Bough, who is just an MI7 official. The two are traveling together in southern France to begin their investigation, where the attack appears to have been launched. They locate a yacht called “Dot Calm” in a nearby port and try to board at night. The two are caught by an agent already on board, Ophelia, but they manage to avoid capturing and fleeing the yacht.
The next day, they are watching for Ophelia and when they notice her leaving the yacht, the two follow her on the dangerous roads in the South of France until they get out of gas. Ophelia, already knowing she is being watched by the two, returns to her and agrees with English to meet later. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom considers the possibility of a meeting with Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta to set up a plan to ensure cyber security.

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