Jurassic World- Fallen Kingdom

After the terrible rate three years ago when they tried to recreate the world of dinosaurs on an island where visitors could admire the prehistoric animals that disappeared millions of years ago, creatures brought back to life by humans with the help of free-flowing DNA on Isla Nublar. But it seems that these animals will have the fate of their ancestors because their existence is jeopardized by a volcano on the island and is about to erupt.
Claire, the park manager, set up a non-governmental organization whose goal is to save and protect the dinosaurs. When she learns about the dangers of the dinosaurs, Claire turns to Owen, the former dinosaur trainer who worked at the park managed by her, and asks for help to save the creatures left on the island. Owen accepts, but mostly because he wants to locate Blue, the last of the four raptors he has been trained to, but the two discover a conspiracy that could result in the loss of people’s supremacy over the planet in favor of the dinosaurs .

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